We competently and reliably take care of your tax interests.
Non-binding consultations

S + R Schumacher, Suckow and Olbertz

The central drive of our work is always your tax and economic interests – whether you are a private person, freelancer, or a business.

In that sense, we wish, as tax consultant in the greater Düsseldorf area, to assist you in all matters and become long-term, trusted partners. This applies both to the increasingly complex demands and constantly changing tax laws, as well as the technical challenges of digitalisation. A self-image which we carry with us to every mandate.

Who we are

Established as a partner company from the merger of the practices Schumacher and Olbertz, we have been competent and reliable partners for all tax-related issues and concerns in and around Düsseldorf since 2009. 2012 saw the growth of the company by the addition of a further professional member. Together with our team of qualified and motivated employees, we support all consultancy clients, from small businesses to medium-sized businesses, professionally and reliably.

Reliability, equal treatment and precision play just as prominent a role as the creativity and individual service in our work. Through the possibility of mutual representation, our clients can count on us at any time, and for any tax-related issue.
We tackle the subject of digital revolution with a consistent and continual development of our IT. We offer our clients diverse forms of electronic cooperation for different purposes – we are always there for you and your concerns with the latest technology.